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The Kranz company is a reliable and qualified supplier of innovative medical equipment, medical equipment and integrated solutions for equipping the departments of surgery, resuscitation, intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology.

The company "Kranz" offers its customers more than 1000 types of medical products, providing its customers with the best prices, minimum delivery times and a guarantee of high quality equipment. All equipment must undergo preliminary testing and pre-sale preparation.

Medical equipment under the Kranz brand is installed and successfully operates in leading medical institutions, hospitals and medical centers.

Kranz Anesthesia Machines

Kranz Ventilator Machines

Kranz Oxygen Concentrators

Kranz Syringe/Infusion Pumps

Kranz Patient Monitors

Kranz Medical Electric Suction Units

Kranz Humidifiers

Kranz Fetal Monitors

​Kranz Analyzers

​Kranz Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

Kranz Operating Tables

Kranz Gynecological Chair-Bed

Covid-19 PrOTECtion

Personal Protection Equipments

Enggsol Protection  Against Covid-19 PPE Kit Contents in Sterile Packaging

Surgery Materials


Futrevo is a company committed to manufacture and supply of precision engineered medical plastic components as per customer requirements.

Futrevo is  focusing on developing, design and manufacturing plastic injection molds and molded parts for disposable medical components, medical devices and laboratory products.

Futrevo specializes and is engaged in multi-cavities high precision electrical moulding, providing moulding services as per customer standard quality. It facilitates a smooth flow of moulding components to the customers.

We do make all die trials and give detailed trial report along with advice for rectification.

We can provide turn key solutions such as: Fast cycle Multi-cavities, Moulds, Stack moulds.

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